Land Rover Defender 200tdi Hybrid Turbo Upgrade

£1,450.00 exc. VAT

Land Rover 200 Tdi Turbo T28 upgrade. A performance bigger turbo upgrade based on a brand new Garrett turbo

The standard smaller 200Tdi turbo is machined to take the larger standard 300tdi turbo internals. The upgrade allows much greater airflow and boost. The 200tdi performance is limited by the fuel system though so fitting an turbo larger than that fitted to the 300tdi engine is not effective.

Therefore as well as a larger turbine, this 200tdi turbo is also fitted with a heavy duty actuator. This allows the upgraded turbo to run up to 1.3bar of boost. A significant improvement of over stock performance

Paramount can arrange a full fitting and installation service at its workshops based in Warwickshire UK. Please let us know if you would like a quote for fitting. And a worldwide mail order service is also available. Sales outside of the UK are also tax free. Fast worldwide door to door delivery is possible to most locations.


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