Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool – Where to Buy

Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool – Where to Buy

Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool Hardware for sale at Paramount – Performance. Part of Europe’s leading car tuning and ECU remapping group. Offering tuning tool, software and training. Paramount keep the Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool in stock, offering door to door delivery across the UK and worldwide. Or free installation, set-up and support when you collect from the Paramount offices.

The Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tools come in either master or slave formats. The Magic Motor sport Flex Slave tuning tool can be paired  to any master operator and remap provider the purchaser wishes.

The Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool  has a great reputation for offering good stable ECM remapping file loading and great value for money. As well as offering good tuning coverage. It also offers both OBD tuning and Boot / Bench for tuning direct to the ECU.


Magic motorsport flex tuning tool hardware on sale
Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Tool – Where to Buy


Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning Training

Paramount Performance also offer free training, installation support, and set-up with all Magic Motorsport  purchases.  Paramount’s Magic Motorsport Flex training is available at the Paramount offices and workshop in Warwickshire UK. And also online via Teams, or Skype to help get you set-up and tuning.

The Magic Motorsport Flex Master Tool

The Flex master tuning tool is not linked to another reseller, the files and tuning software is also not encrypted. Giving the master operator the option of buying tuning files in from a provider of their choice. Or writing they own tuning files. With software such as EVC WinOls or Stage X also from Magic.

Shop Here: You can see the Magic Motorsport Flex for sale in the Paramount shop here : Flex Master Hardware


Magic Motorsport Flex Slave Tool  

When you are new to tuning or don’t want the hassle of writing your own tuning files, the Flex slave tuning tool is a good choice. Its advantages are that slave tools are cheaper and much easier to use. A slave will be paired with a Master tuner that will provide ready-to-use tuning files. As well as offering a live tuning file service 7 days a week (and the operator can upgrade to master status if/when desired), Paramount offers a worldwide tuning file and support service. If this service interests you, please contact us for more details.

Shop here: You can see and purchase the Magic Motorsport Flex tool here : Flex Slave

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the Magic Flex tool. Slave or Master, whichever you prefer. Besides offering free training, Paramount also offer free demonstrations so that you can test out the product before making a purchase.

Magic motorsport flex tuning tool hardware on sale
Magic Motorsport Flex Tuning tool

Fast Worldwide Shipping

Paramount can arrange fast worldwide delivery and shipping for the Magic Motorsport tuning and remapping tool. As well as most other popular tuning and ECU remapping tools and software. Trade sales are welcome, with volume prices breaks available. With fast door-to-door and tax free sales outside of the UK.

See the Paramount – Performance shop, or contact the service and support team here with any questions: Contact us

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