Range Rover 200 Cell Sports Catalytic Convertors

Range Rover 200 Cell Sports Catalytic Convertors

Range Rover 200 Cell Sports Catalytic Convertors. If you are thinking of upgrades your Range Rover, be it a Vouge, Sports or SVR. Fitting sports catalytic converters are one of the Stage II tuning upgrades you may be considering.

What are the options

The stock Land Rover catalytic converters are 800 cells per square inch. In English this means they have quite a dense matrix of cells inside them. These will restrict you power and performance. And will also act as an additional exhaust silencer. Hence literally muffling the engine noise.


Range Rover De-cat Pipes

One option is to remove your catalytic converters all together. And on the later ( post 2019) vehicles, the PPF or petrol particulate filters too. This will give a delightful increase in V8 sound and add performance and more power too. However, in Europe since 1991, it has been a legal requirement to have a working catalytic converter fitted to all petrol engine vehicles used on the road. Out side of Europe these laws and regulations do vary. As such. it’s important to check the legal requirements where you and your Land Rover are based before you fit Range Rover de-cat pipes, remove catalytic converters and emission control systems.

Range Rover 200 Cell Sports Catalytic Convertors

Offering a better option Range Rover 200 cell sports or “performance” Cats may be the answer.  Unlike the stock standard factory parts. As the name suggests, performance 200 cell cats, only have 200 cells per square inch of the internal matrix. Meaning much more exhaust gas can pass though without restriction. Giving a nice increase in power, performance, and exhaust tone. But, very importantly, 200cell cats will still pass most emission tests for road going vehicles in Europe. And will pass the UK MOT fitness test. Delivering the best of both worlds.


Replacement Range Rover Catalytic Convertors

Aftermarket performance cats can also be significantly cheaper than the original factory catalytic convertors too. So if you original cats are failing. Fitting aftermarket replacement performance parts may offer a cost saving too.

Is there a downside to fitting Range Rover 200 cell Cats?

Aftermarket performance parts will increase the V8 sound of your engine. To most customers this is quite a delightful thing. A little more rumble and growl. But if silent cruising and driving is your thing. 200 cell cats may not be for you.

And, because the 200 cells are working harder to process the engine exhaust emissions. 200 cell cats do tend not to last as long. While factory cats may last 10 – 15 or more years. Aftermarket 200 cell cats, more typically will have an operational life of around 8-10 years.

Buy Range Rover 200 Cell Sports Catalytic Convertors Here: Range Rover Performance Cats 

And, if you are not sure about performance cats and upgrades for your Range Rover. Or need any advice. The Paramount Performance service team will be happy to help. You can mail the service and support team here: info@paramount-performance.com

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