Alientech Kess 3, Three Good Reasons to buy this tuning tool

Alientech Kess 3 Three Good Reasons to buy this tuning tool

Alientech Kess 3, three good reasons to buy this tuning tool. The Alientech Kess is generally seen as the market leading tuning tool right around the world for the last decade. And now there is the all new Kess3. So what is it about the Alientech Kess 3 tuning tool that makes it so popular?  And why should you make it your choice when looking for a new tuning tool ?

Well here are 3 good reasons …..

Alientech kess3
Alientech kess3
  • Kess 3 Tuning Tool Coverage, the kess 3 system simply tunes more vehicles than any other main stream tuning tool available.  Its tuning and remapping coverage and application list is HUGE! There is not another tuning tool that comes close to the extensive vehicle list the kess 3 boasts.  And don’t forget additional protocols will add trucks, tractors, and Marine tuning too. Making the Alientech kess3 the true market leader when it comes to coverage


  • Alientech Technical support service. You never know the value of technical support and back up until you need it. And, its often something not really considered when purchasing a new tuning tool. But it is a really important factor, If your your tuning tool manufacturer can offer support when you need it, it can mane for a very difficult conversion with your customer. The good news is the Alientech support team is the big. The biggest in the industry today. Its fair to say no other tuning tool provider comes close to the technical support and back up Alientech offer. So they are there when you need them, with fast efficient service.


  • Affordability, we all know the cheap copy clone and fake tuning tools are not even worth the few dollars they cost. Whilst other tools can be really expensive and have lost of hidden running costs. With the quality support and huge vehicle coverage, you would be mistaken for thinking the Alientech Kess3 would at the top if the price list. But in fact the Kess 3 is among one of the cheaper tuning tools on the market. The ability to mix and match the protocol packages also means you can build the tuning package you want for the very best value.
Alientech Tuning Tools Kess 3
Alientech Tuning Tools Kess 3


Paramount Performance offer free training, installation and support for the Alientech Kess tuning tool. You can see the Alientech tuning tools in the Paramount Performance shop here Alientech Shop. and  

And the Alientech Kess 3 can be found here

Worldwide mail order, door to door delivery . And international tax free sales available.

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  • Jeffrey


    This is a great tool and software, highly recommend


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