Ford Ranger 2.0 Tuning SID 212 Transit Van Tuning

Ford Ranger 2.0 Tuning SID 212 Transit Van Tuning

Ford Ranger 2.0 Tuning SID 212 and Transit van tuning from Paramount Performance. As many very frustrated, and under powered Ford owners will know, the ECU of the new vehicles is locked. So for now the new Ford 2.0 engine with the the SID 212 engine control unit can’t be tuned.  There is a lot or research and development ongoing to resolve this, but at this time there is no tuning tool OBD or bench tuning option available for the new Ford vehicles.

Therefore Paramount has designed, developed, and tested a brand new, unique Ranger 2.0 and Transit Van SID 212 tuning box.

The new Paramount tuning box covers the full range of Fords fitted with the new 2.0 turbo engine and SID 212 ecu.  The new tuning box is a multi-channel, multi-map, plug and play tuning solution.  Once fitted the unit will deliver huge additional power and significantly more torque across the full range range. The tuning software is on the piggy-back additional ecu box. Therefore direct access and tuning of the vehicles ECU is not an issue. This means that, for the first time, successful tuning of the new Ford vehicles is available.


Ford Ranger 2.0 Tuning SID 212

Ford Ranger 2.0 Tuning SID 212

The Paramount Ford Ranger / Transit van tuning box is available worldwide with door to door shipping.  If you can attend the Paramount workshops in the UK, a free fitting service is available.  Or if you can’t make it in to us, next day delivery with fitting instructions is available.  Before and after dyno and rolling road testing is available so you can see first hand the new power and performance the tuning software.  You can see the new Ford Ranger 2.0 Tuning SID 212 and Transit Van Tuning boxes here in the Paramount Shop.

Ford 2.0 Remap and Tuning Options

The tuning box can be removed quickly and easily if required. This is ideal at service time, or at the end of a lease contract for example, and then the box can be very quickly refitted when ready. For the older Ford models traditional OBD tuning is available for the full range of vehicles. If you are not sure which tuning option is right for your car just drop the Paramount service team an email and they will be happy to help.

Through Paramount Performance and the Paramount dealer network tuning is available worldwide for all models of Ford Ranger. With agents and installation sites in over 78 countries. Tax free international sales available subject to location please email for details.


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