E85 Fuel Tuning

E85 Fuel Tuning and Remapping

E85 Fuel Tuning and Remapping at Paramount. So what is is E85 Fuel and can your car be tuned to run on it ? The short answer is, if you car was manufactured after 2010 there is a very good chance it can be tuned to run on E85 fuel.

Performance car enthusiasts and tuners have become increasingly interested in E85, or FlexFuel. Fueled by E85, high performance engines can operate at much higher cylinder pressures, along with its environmental benefits. In turn, this produces more power. The combustion cooling effect of ethanol and its anti-knock properties contribute to this.

Jaguar E85 Fuel Tuning
Jaguar E85 Fuel Tuning

Can I run E85 without a tune?

No. You should avoid using E85 in your car if you do not have the proper engine tune and remap for E85. Your engine can be damaged quickly. The reason for this is that E85 fuel requires more fuel than gasoline. In the event that you were to run on E85 without the correct tune and software, your engine would run lean because it would not have enough fuel. And engines do not like to run lean for very long at all. You will cause serious engine damage and engine failure if it runs too lean and too hot.

E85 tuning at Paramount


E85 fuel has a high octane rating, which is one of its best features. Furthermore, it reduces engine detonation to a great extent too. Therefore, engine tuning can result in more power than tuning with regular gasoline because the engine timing can be advanced.

Ethanol in E85 fuel has a cooling effect that will further reduce air intake temperature, especially on supercharged and turbo charged engines. Since E85 has a high octane rating in combination with the additional cooling effect, it performs like 110 octane gasoline – ideal for tuning.

The high-octane rating and more heat removal from combustion chambers allow you to run more boost without the risk of knock. Increasing the effectiveness of high performance tuning

Worldwide Tuning Solutions

Paramount’s E85 Fuel Tuning is available in house at the Paramount Performance workshop in the UK. Or, around the world through our approved installation network. And also through the range of Paramount Performance home tuning tools.

The Paramount home tuning option is great if you either can’t get to a Paramount tuner, or if you want the ability to switch the level or type of tune you have at home any time. this giving you switchable tuning anywhere and time your need it.

You can see Paramount’s E85 Jaguar tuning in the shop here : https://paramount-performance.com/jaguar-e85-fuel-tuning/

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