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6 Tips for Entering Your Classic Car in a Show

 Car shows are a fun and rewarding way to honour beautiful classics. After all, what’s a classic car for if not to be used and admired?

There are all types of car shows held annually. But for those with a penchant for classics, a show that specialises in these legendary vehicles is the best choice. However, there’s a lot more to a successful classic car show than just arriving in your perfectly restored automobile and looking for a spot to show her off.

Entering your car into a classic car show requires planning, research, and a fair bit of maintenance and fine-tuning. After all, you want your car to be in the best condition possible if it’s going to stand side by side with your community’s best-looking classics.

But how do you achieve all this? Simple. Take a look at the following tips for successfully entering your car into a classic car show and having a great time while at it.

Research The Right Type Of Show For Your Car

There are lots of different types of car shows, and you should pick the one that’s most compatible with your car’s best features. You also need to pick a show that is close enough for you to drive to, or to transport your vehicle on a trailer if driving a longer distance isn’t an option.

Three popular car show types include:

  • Car-specific – These shows are designed to showcase a particular variety of cars or cars from a specific manufacturer. For instance, an all-classic hatchback show or an all-Chevrolet show would be car-specific.
  • Racing – Over the years, there are plenty of classics that have found themselves on the track. Racing shows showcase these automobiles and are ideal for petrolheads who have a need for speed. They also often include racing displays, so you may need to consider whether this will suit your car or you as a driver.
  • Traditional – Traditional car shows are the most common type of car show and are often held annually in the same location. They are straightforward display events in which classic cars are categorised and exhibited for other car enthusiasts or judges to view. There may be prizes awarded or major press coverage.

When planning to enter a classic car show, it’s also important to note what the entry requirements are. For example, make sure your car meets the brief in terms of the year, make, model, and style. Additionally, always ensure you register your car for the event and receive confirmation that you’re eligible and there’s a spot for your vehicle.

Do some pre-show tune-ups

You want your car to be running (quite literally) like a well-oiled machine for your upcoming car show. Replace the oil, fuel her up, replace all the necessary fluids, and take her in for a proper check-up at a mechanic if possible. Car show judges will be looking at all aspects of your car’s condition.  And, even if you’re not entering her in any competitions, you don’t want your exhaust to belch smoke all over attendees because you have a leaking seal or blocked filter.

Classic cars can be harder to maintain due to the rarity of their parts and the high expenses often associated with vintage models. But that’s exactly why seasonal care and pre-show tune-ups for classic cars are so important, especially as temperatures get warmer or colder.

How To Enter Your Classic Car In A Show | Paramount Performance
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Get your car in peak cosmetic condition

In addition to making sure your car’s engine is running smoothly, it’s crucial that you pay close attention to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Onlookers will scrutinise your classic car up close, so be sure to pick up on any scratches, dents, marks, or body blemishes.

The cosmetics may seem like a superficial aspect of your car, but these are the kind of details that matter in a proper classic car show. Give your car a good wash, wax, and polish inside and out, vacuum your floors, oil your leather seats and dash, and shine up any chrome bumpers.

Prepare your car’s documents

Your car will need all of its necessary documents to be added to a car show’s rotation. That means you’ll need the original documents, spec stickers, paper advertisements, registration, and owner’s manual—essentially, whatever you have on hand that verifies its legitimacy and history.

If you have added any modifications to your car over the years, feel free to add a list of them for onlookers to appreciate. This can also help attract more attention to your vehicle.

Bring some essentials to get you through the day

Car shows can be lengthy events, even for the most passionate motor enthusiasts. Don’t forget to bring some comforts from home and essentials to get you through the day, such as:

  • A comfortable chair
  • A meal or some snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Canopy tent or umbrella if outside

It’s also a good idea to pack some basic cleaning supplies for your classic car. You don’t want one little smudge that developed en route to ruin your chances of winning a prize ribbon!

Be creative about the display

The more creative and exciting your car display is, the more people it will attract. You can add some posters or pictures of your car throughout the ages, previous prizes or trophies if you have any, and even some decorative props for a finishing touch, such as miniature model cars or an open hood.

At many of these classic car shows, people want to see as much of the displayed vehicles as possible. Plus, creativity increases your chance of winning a prize.

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Be Classic Car Show Ready

Classic car shows are great fun for any petrolhead. You not only get to show off your beautiful, well-maintained classic car, but you also get to admire everyone else’s, too.

By doing the right research, preparing your car for a good display, and networking with other car owners, you can enjoy a classic car show that is as satisfying as it is exhilarating. Use these tips as a guideline for preparing for and entering your classic car in a show that puts your vehicle in the spotlight.

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