Jaguar F Type P450 ECU Remapping and Tuning

Jaguar F Type P450 ECU Remapping and Tuning

Paramount Performance has just completed its R&D on the Jaguar F-Type P450 5.0L V8. The P450 entry model is in effect down tuned 550bhp engine. The results from the tuning and remapping are impressive to say the least!

jaguar P450 tuning
Jaguar P450 tuning

The standard Jaguar statistics for the Jaguar F-Type P450 should be 450 BHP and 580 NM Torque.

With the same 5.0ltr V8 Jaguar engine, significant gains were always going to be possible from tuning. After all it has the same V8 engine fitted to its big BHP brother. The same Eaton supercharger, and in fact it’s the same set up as fitted to the 575bhp SVR version. So you know the engine and set up is more that capable of running huge power. And now Paramount can make that happen for you.

When the Paramount Team tested the P450 Jaguar F-Type it performed really well even in standard from. The stock car was expected to run just 450bhp, but in testing it was proved to run closer to 480bhp, and 600NM of torque

True to form and as expected, the Paramount software guys spent time identifying the maps and control files that keep the power in the lower bhp range. With a few adjustments, taking the software to the normal level of tuning for an SVR vehicle and a little more…. The dyno showed the tune and remap delivered 598 BHP and a huge 780 NM Torque.

The Jaguar P450 now has the power to take on pretty much any super car.

Jaguar Tuning

Jaguar Tuning
Jaguar Tuning and Restoration

Paramount Performance have been tuning Jaguar cars  since 1985! Over 36 years of tuning and styling some of the finest motor cars on the roads. The team at Paramount cover the full range of Jaguar vehicles from classic, to brand new.

Operating UK fitting centres and with over 100 installers for their custom software across the UK, and have operations in a further 78 countries. Paramount can also offer home tuning solutions, so wherever you are, you can tune your car and return to standard any time.

Mail Paramount at, or call with your tuning, performance and styling questions on 01789 774444

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