Jaguar XF Tuning and Upgrades

Jaguar XF Tuning and Upgrades

Jaguar XF Tuning and Upgrades from Paramount Performance.  Paramount has been tuning and styling Jaguar cars since 1986. The company has amassed huge knowledge through tuning and developing power and performance upgrades

It was in fact Paramount Performance that first developed the Jaguar lower supercharger pulley upgrade. This was initially carried out on the XJ6 6 cylinder supercharged engine. And later on the 4,0 V8 supercharged jaguar engines in the XJR and XKR

The 4.0 Jaguar engine is closely related of course to the 4.2 V8 and the later 5,0V8 that is used to power the Jaguar XF and XKR. Paramount has literally spent 2 generations working on, and delivering more power from these V6 and V8 engines.

Jaguar xfr tuning

All research and development is carried out in-house and on the Paramount AWD 4×4 rolling road dyno. Nothing is left to chance.

In 2014 Paramount was the first tuning company anywhere to develop, and prove the Jaguar 5.0 V8 engine could safely run 600bhop in everyday driving conditions. Initially developed on the project called Vanta black XKR, this tuning is now widely used the world over and is available for the Jaguar XF and XFR

In 2017 Paramount pushed further and developed the Predator conversion, taking the V8 5.0 engine to 650bhp. At the time the fastest Jaguar conversion and upgrade package anywhere. To date over 250 Jaguars have now been installed with this breathtakingly powerful 650bhp upgrade.

Jaguar xfr tuning
Jaguar XFR tuning

Jaguar XF and XFR Tuning options

Paramount offer quite a range to Jaguar XF tuning and performance upgrades, you can see most of them in the Jaguar XF shop area

Custom Jaguar XF tuning and remapping, upper supercharger pulley upgrades, lower supercharger pulley upgrades, supercharger cooling. As well as exhaust systems, suspension and styling upgrades available. Home tuning, and tuning by post services and products available for worldwide tuning and performance upgrades. Worldwide and tax-free sales are available. email us

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