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New, Reconditioned and Used Land Rover Defender Parts 

Paramount Performance are one of the UK’s oldest and most established Jaguar Land Rover Specialists that stock and supply new, recondition and used Land Rover Defender parts.

Paramount Performance can also access many other parts specialist’s, as well as a limitless Land Rover Defender used parts – offering UK fitting and full workshop fitting.

UK & Worldwide Shipping

One of the hallmarks of our service is our commitment to serving customers worldwide. We proudly offer international shipping, ensuring that Defender enthusiasts from all corners of the globe have access to the parts they need. Whether you’re in the UK, the USA, Europe, or beyond, our parts can reach you promptly and reliably. So wherever you are based and whatever parts you require we can help.

Landrover defender parts

New Land Rover Defender Parts

If you don’t have access to new parts – let us help. We can order new genuine factory parts and ship them direct to your door anywhere in the world. Paramount Performance can also order an unbelievable range of new aftermarket parts, from Defender water pumps, brakes pads, to clutches and engines – we can offer shipping to most destinations within 5 days – Email us now for a quote

Reconditioned Defender Parts

As well as new parts, Paramount Performance can supply a range of reconditioned and refurbished Defender parts, ready to install and get your Defender back in top condition. Approved reconditioned parts are available off the shelf in most cases, this can includes defender gearboxes, engines, 200 TDI, 300 TDI, TD5, transfer boxes, and axles and differential units.

Reconditioned parts can make and excellent and much cheaper solution that new parts, if you need any help or advice, just drop us a email with your defender details.

Used Defender Parts

If you are on a budget used arts can make an excellent alternative to new parts. However, in many locations around the world there is simply no parts available or they are as expensive or more than new parts.

However, in the UK parts are general plentiful, Paramount Performance buy, sell and break Land Rover Defenders, so we can supply good quality genuine used parts – and we always know the source of them, with Defender parts always in demand, theft can be an issue.

Paramount Performance only ever supply used parts where the original vehicle history is known and can be traced.  All Land Rover Defender parts are available from the illusive screw or bolt, to complete vehicles, chassis, body parts and more.

Extensive Parts Inventory

We have an extensive inventory of high-quality Land Rover Defender parts, meticulously curated to meet the needs of Defender owners worldwide. Whether you are restoring a classic Defender or looking to upgrade and personalise your modern model, we have the parts you need to get the job done.

Restoration Support

For those embarking on a Land Rover Defender restoration journey, we offer specialised support. Our service extends to providing guidance on restoration projects, including sourcing rare parts, advice on restoration techniques, and connecting with restoration experts if needed. We are committed to helping you bring your Defender back to its former glory.

Quality Assurance

Paramount Performance places the utmost importance on quality assurance. All our parts, whether new or used, undergo rigorous inspection to ensure they meet our high standards. This commitment to quality guarantees that you receive parts that are reliable, durable, and built to last.

Get in touch

If you are looking for a single parts for your Land Rover Defender, or you are undertaking a complete Land Rover Defender restoration project and need many parts we can help save time, money and your sanity with our parts sourcing service. We also offer Land Rover Defender Tuning to improve the performance of your vehicle.


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