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Have you ever wanted to transform your Mercedes into a precision-tuned machine that delivers exhilarating performance and an enhanced driving experience? 

Welcome to the world of expert Mercedes tuning, where revolutionary technology and experienced technicians come together to elevate the performance of your vehicle. Here at Paramount Performance, we offer an unprecedented range of Mercedes tuning and performance upgrades for all models of Mercedes, from the super-fast cool rocket that is the Mercedes A45 AMG to the Mercedes GT.

Revolutionising Your Mercedes’ Performance

Using cutting-edge tools and techniques, we offer a range of tuning services, including Engine Control Unit (ECU) remapping, engine tuning, and gearbox tuning. These services aim to enhance your vehicle’s performance, increase its power and torque, improve throttle response, and deliver a smoother driving experience.

But, improving your vehicle’s performance isn’t the only goal. Each tuning service is tailored to the specific requirements of each Mercedes model and driver. Paramount Performance customises the fine-tuning of the engine control unit’s fuel delivery and performance characteristics, optimising for the best fuel 

efficiency without sacrificing performance.

As a result, Mercedes owners can anticipate enhanced power and fuel economy, thanks to the comprehensive expertise and specialised tuning techniques provided.

The Art of ECU (Engine Control Unit) Remapping

ECU remapping is an art that involves adjusting the engine control unit’s parameters to optimise performance and efficiency. This process enables the engine to operate at its optimal capacity, thereby improving the overall performance of the vehicle.

ECU Remapping is often grouped into 3 different tuning stages to help differentiate what levels of upgrades are being undertaken these are:

Stage 1 Remap

This is the entry level where no hardware changes are needed. The modifications are solely focused on software, tweaking the engine map to improve performance.

Stage 2 Remap

This stage includes the software changes from stage 1 but also requires some hardware upgrades.

Stage 3 Remap

This is the most significant stage of tuning. It includes all the changes from stages 1 and 2 but requires further hardware modifications.

Paramount Performance distinguishes itself by using advanced technology and an in-house team to customise each development to the specific needs of the vehicle. This approach improves the accuracy and efficiency of the ECU remap process.

Keep in mind, that resorting to generic software for engine remapping might limit the benefits of ECU mapping, as the vehicle may not achieve its maximum potential due to limited customisation in the mapping process.

Personalised Power Gains

Power gain potential hinges on the selected Mercedes model, tuning package, and 

the driver’s personal preferences. Paramount Performance offers personalised tuning solutions that result in increased power, sporty driving characteristics, and improved fuel economy. Ignition timing and other factors also influence the level of power increase and efficiency gains.

Paramount Performance’s edge lies in the customisation of tuning solutions for different Mercedes models. They develop their tuning software in-house, tailoring it in real-time for each specific model. This level of fine-tuning delivers precise performance upgrades that meet the unique requirements of each vehicle, ensuring that drivers experience an immediate improvement in their vehicle’s performance.

Tailored Tuning for Every Mercedes Model

From compact cars to commercial vehicles, Paramount Performance offers tailored tuning services for a wide array of Mercedes models. Our services are designed to optimise performance for each category, resulting in significant improvements in performance and efficiency.

The tuning process for Mercedes vehicles involves the installation of a new software program onto the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU), which in turn enhances the performance and efficiency of the engine. For commercial vehicles, Paramount Performance employs advanced software and hardware upgrades. We conduct a detailed analysis of the vehicle’s engine and make precise adjustments to key performance parameters such as fuel injection and turbocharging to increase power, torque, and improve the overall driving experience.

From Compact to Commercial

Offering tuning services for Mercedes commercial vehicles, we offer broad coverage across the commercial vehicle spectrum. Tuning heavy-duty Mercedes vehicles results in:

  • Heightened boost pressure
  • Enhanced engine power and torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • Optimised fuel efficiency
  • Fine-tuned suspension settings to enhance handling

The tuning process for commercial Mercedes vehicles may emphasise distinct performance objectives or alterations compared to compact models, although the specific methods may differ. Both vehicle types undergo a comprehensive tuning process customised to their individual requirements and attributes at Paramount Performance.

Diesel and Petrol Engine Mastery

Tuning diesel engines can yield heightened power and torque, enhanced drivability, and improved fuel efficiency, while petrol engine tuning can result in increased power and optimised fuel economy, providing a tailored driving experience.

Advanced Tuning Options

Exploring further into the Mercedes tuning domain, we come across tuning options such as gearbox tuning and performance exhaust systems. These options can further enhance your vehicle’s performance, providing a more exciting driving experience.

Gearbox tuning contributes to enhancing the performance of a Mercedes vehicle through the modification of the software of the gearbox unit. This enables adjustments to shift points, optimising the timing and duration of gear changes. Consequently, the vehicle may experience improved acceleration, increased power delivery, and better fuel economy.

Mercedes Performance Exhausts

Mercedes tuning performance

In addition to ECU remapping. Paramount Performance can also supply and fit a huge range of performance exhaust systems. Choose from a vast range of manufacturers, like:

  • Armytrix
  • Akrapovic
  • IPE
  • Super Sprint
  • And more

Stainless steel or Titanium, valved or non-valved Mercedes exhaust systems, some of which can be app-controlled, giving you the best choice of sound level.

Performance exhaust systems provide several advantages for a vehicle, such as enhanced power and performance, a compelling engine sound, and the capability to regulate air flow for optimal running.

The Symphony of Performance Exhausts

By reducing back pressure and restrictions in the piping, and allowing the engine to breathe more freely, performance exhaust systems amplify the sound of a Mercedes vehicle. The benefits not only include a more aggressive and sporty sound, but an improved airflow, and increased horsepower.

To help you select the appropriate performance exhaust system for your Mercedes from Paramount Performance, you can directly contact us for personalised advice and assistance.

Mercedes Gearbox Tuning

As well as Mercedes engine tuning, we also offer Mercedes gearbox tuning. Mercedes gearbox tuning from Paramount Performance can improve your gearbox shift speed by up to 70 % giving you super-fast gear changes. Delivering faster power and performance – and that’s a money-back guarantee

By adjusting shift points and optimising gear ratios, gearbox tuning offers the following benefits:

  • Maximises time in useful RPM ranges
  • Minimises gear change delay
  • Enhances shift speeds
  • Faster and more seamless shifts

Gearbox tuning plays a significant role in enhancing driving dynamics by allowing for full customisation of every gear and the final drive ratio, which ultimately leads to:

  • Improved performance
  • Heightened responsiveness of the vehicle
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • An overall improved driving experience

And, if you are not local to us, don’t worry, most of our tuning services can be loaded through our handheld device, which can be shipped all over the world, so you can tune your Mercedes anytime, anywhere.

Global Tuning Solutions for Mercedes Enthusiasts

Paramount Performance’s global tuning solutions cater to Mercedes enthusiasts all around the world. Our handheld tuning devices, which can be shipped worldwide, allow drivers to have their Mercedes optimised & tuned no matter where they are located.

In addition to this, Paramount Performance also offers regular tuning updates that can be implemented globally for Mercedes vehicles through services such as Dyno tuning, ECU remapping, and other tuning tools and enhancements. These updates ensure that your Mercedes remains at peak performance levels, thereby providing an optimal driving experience at all times.

Safety and Reliability: The Paramount Performance Promise

Besides prioritising your vehicle’s performance, we also place a significant emphasis on safety and reliability during the Mercedes tuning process. We ensure that these essential elements are never compromised, guaranteeing a balance between impressive performance and uncompromised safety.

This is accomplished through careful procedures carried out by our skilled technicians, utilising advanced tools and software, performing thorough testing, and sticking to stringent quality control measures.

To ensure that you get the best tuning Paramount Performance offers 4×4 dyno rolling road testing before and after tuning and if you’re not happy we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Trust in Experience

Fully insured, Paramount Performance’s technicians have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform tuning services. We also conduct rigorous testing, including test drives, to verify that modifications do not compromise the vehicle’s safety or reliability.

We have accumulated a significant number of years of experience in tuning Mercedes and many different makes of vehicle, demonstrating our expertise in delivering top-notch customer service and precise tuning services.

Mercedes speed limiter de-activation

Paramount Performance can remove the Mercedes-Benz speed limiter enabling it to achieve higher speeds, eliminating the constraints imposed by the manufacturer’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parameters. This is very handy on the Autobahn (the road that is world-renowned for having no speed limit that motorists travel to, to test the limits of their vehicles), or on a track day.

However, the removal of a speed limiter may have implications for the warranty of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It is advisable to seek guidance from an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer to gain a clear understanding of how this may affect your specific vehicle warranty.

The Paramount Performance Facility

The 12,000 ft workshop and fitting centre at our facility provides ample space for the use of sophisticated tools and software in delivering high-quality Mercedes tuning services. We utilise a range of tuning tools and software, such as Autotuner and Alientech Professional Tuning Tools and Software, which are recognised as leading technologies in the industry for vehicle tuning.

Cutting-edge Technology

With a legacy dating back to 1986, we have always been at the forefront of technology. From utilising the Master Car Tuning Software and Alientech tools, along with a 4×4 rolling road, we have been delivering specialised car engine tuning and styling enhancements for decades.

The majority of Mercedes models can be accommodated and serviced at Paramount Performance’s expansive workshop and fitting centre.


In conclusion, expert Mercedes tuning, as offered by Paramount Performance, can revolutionise your driving experience. With our comprehensive tuning services encompassing ECU remapping, engine tuning, and gearbox tuning, along with our emphasis on safety, reliability, and global solutions, Paramount Performance is indeed the go-to choice for Mercedes enthusiasts worldwide.

Contact us today via our online form or phone us on 01789 774444 for help and advice and to book your car in with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remap a Mercedes?

Remapping your Mercedes-Benz’s engine control unit (ECU) can boost your car’s power and fuel economy in about an hour. We provide remapping services for all models including A Class, C class, E class, AMG, & G class.

Is engine remapping a good idea?

Engine remapping is generally a safe and worthwhile way of increasing performance, provided it’s done correctly by a reputable company. However, extra strain will be put on your engine and other components if you drive faster as a result, so be sure to keep up regular maintenance and check your brakes regularly.

Can Paramount Performance tune both Diesel and Petrol engines of Mercedes vehicles?

Yes, Paramount Performance provides tuning and ECU remapping services for both Diesel and Petrol engines.


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