Original Car Software Files – OE Ori Car Tuning

Original Car Software Files – OE Ori Car Tuning

If you are in need of Original Car Software Files for your tuning, we have thousands online ready to download now. If you need to reset a vehicle to stock, or standard original software just click on the link below to search the thousands of Original Car Software Files available.

Original Car Software Files


Original Car Software Files
Original Car Software Files

Ori tuning files and original software is vita when tuning and ecu remapping. For vehicles that tune through a VR function. Virtual reading, you cannot access the original software on the ecu. For this you will want a high quality data back of know good original tuning files.

Original OE software is also required when you are tuning a car with unknown current tuning status. If a car has been tuned before, sometimes by multiple tuners it can be vital to return to a know good Original software version. Having access to a good, cheap source of 100% original car software is vital and part of your everyday tool box.

Working with many tuning and ecu remapping partners around the world. Paramount shares and pools its access or all its original tuning files. And now you can have access to these ori car software files too. As well as tuning files, damps files and map packs 7 days a week.

If you are looking for super reliable, ready to use tuning files. Paramount can supply these too. 7 days a week, live and custom tuning files created for you ready to use and load to the car. For all your tuning and remapping. Truck, tractor, bike and marine tuning files and software also available.

There are over 12,000 ready to use tuning files in our database.  Paramount can also offer live and custom tuning files and software. You can send you Ori (original read file) in to the team 7 days a week, with custom and bespoke tuning requests. Staged tuning, tuning for modifications and upgrades. Popping and banging tuning and much more.

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