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The Ford Ranger Tuning Engine Remap

The Ford Ranger Tuning: Tune Anywhere, Any Time Do you take your Ford Ranger off the beaten track, into the unknown? Does it tow heavy loads? Is it a weekend car, or daily driver? Whatever you use your Ford Ranger for, it is the go-to-car for all occasions formal or fun its just the right […]

Classic and Modern Classic Exhaust Systems are Go!

Classic and Modern Classic Exhaust Systems are Go! Paramount Performance is excited to announce that we are now offering Classic and Modern Classic Exhausts. In response to customer feedback, our initial focus will be on BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Modern Classic and Classic Car ownership has never been more popular. However, most manufacturers have discontinued exhausts […]

What Jaguar XFR Exhaust system?

Jaguar XFR Exhaust system Paramount Performance has been tuning Jaguars since the mid 80’s a key part to most of the modifications and Jaguar tuning we undertake is often a high-performance Jaguar XFR Exhaust System, there are many Jaguar XF exhaust systems on the market, but not all are of the same quality, either in […]

Jaguar reconditioned Supercharger – Exchange Jaguar Supercharger replacement

Jaguar reconditioned Supercharger – Exchange Jaguar Supercharger replacement Jaguar Supercharger replacement – The Eaton supercharger used on the Jaguar XKR and XJR range is very reliable, they regularly cover well over 100,000 miles and more without issue, However, failure of the supercharger bearings and couplings can occur from anything over 50,000 miles, sadly we have […]

Range Rover Exhaust – RR 5.0 Performance Exhaust System

Range Rover 5.0 Performance Exhaust System Our Range Rover performance exhaust system is new in stock and has been specially commissioned for Paramount Performance. Our exhaust system both looks and sounds amazing. Below is a list of its key features: Key Features Manufactured from high grade stainless steel Covered by a lifetime corrosion warranty Easy […]

Classic BMW Restoration CSL 3.0 Restoration

As well as offering specialist BMW tuning services, and performance upgrades for modern BMW Cars, Paramount Performance also offer Classic BMW restoration services, maintenance and repair. So if you have a Lovely Classic BMW, like a BMW E9 CSL, or CSI, that may be could do with a little love, Paramount can help. Paramount offer […]

Land Rover Defender Parts – New and used Land Rover Defender parts service worldwide

New, Reconditioned and Used Land Rover Defender Parts  Paramount Performance are one of the UK’s oldest and most established Jaguar Land Rover Specialists that stock and supply new, recondition and used Land Rover Defender parts. Paramount Performance can also access many other parts specialist’s, as well as a limitless Land Rover Defender used parts – […]

Lose Weight with Carbon Fibre Wheels – A Distinguishing Styling Note

Lose Weight with Carbon Fibre Wheels – A Distinguishing Styling Note Carbon Fibre wheels are designed for enhanced performance, using a significantly more lightweight material – carbon, and it’s also extremely strong. In fact, Carbon Fibre is 5 times stronger than steel, twice as stiff, and up to 40% lighter than their OEM counterparts of […]

Be Cool with a Water Methanol Injection System

Increased boost, extra cooling capabilities, less chance for engine-damaging detonation and ultimately increased power, these are just a few of the benefits of installing a Water Methanol Injection System. What is a Water Methanol Injection System? A Water Methanol Injection System injects a 50/50 mixture of methanol and water into the engine using a high-pressure […]

DPF Refits

DPF Refits are Here!   Drivers made frequent short journeys, fearing the engine would be damaged by the DPF clogging up. With the threat of overly expensive repairs, drivers wanted to save some money and began removing their DPFs. Drivers removed the DPF, forming a well-intentioned, easy and cost-effective solution, however, according to the new […]