Be Cool with a Water Methanol Injection System

Be Cool with a Water-Methanol Injection System

Increased boost, extra cooling capabilities, less chance for engine-damaging detonation and ultimately increased power, these are just a few of the benefits of installing a Water/Methanol injection system.

water/methanol, Be Cool with a Water Methanol Injection System

What is Water/Methanol?

These Water/Methanol systems inject a 50/50 mixture of methanol and water into the engine using a high-pressure pump. As a result, this allows for better ignition timing and increases boost capability in supercharged or turbocharged applications. Water/Methanol also lowers air intake temperature, and provides an additional source of very high-octane fuel. You can achieve all these benefits, all without increasing the chance of damaging detonation.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Water/Methanol

More Power. Produce more power by decreasing the intake temperatures, using the high-octane properties of methanol, and the air-cooling properties of the methanol and water mixed together. The cooler intake temperatures allow you to run more aggressive timing and/or boost, in forced induction applications, without increasing the chance of detonation.

Decrease the change of engine damaging detonation with lower intake charge temperatures.

Reduce your spending on the road with this low cost Water/Methanol system. Starting at around £499, Water/Methanol is less expensive than pure race-gas. Especially for those running high compression engines on the street. Therefore, this Water/Methanol system is relatively inexpensive to install and run.

Engine Maintenance on the Go. In some cases, the atomized water reduces carbon build-up. Water/Methanol achieves this with a healthy steam clean of the valves, valve seats, and even the piston tops and intake.

How Long Will A Tank Of Water/Methanol Last?

Depending on horsepower, your Water/Methanol Injection System, settings and your own driving style, your Water/Methanol could last as long as a tank of fuel. Paramount Performance’s 3-quart tank will typically last around a tank of gasoline in most engines in the 200-500 horsepower range.

water/methanol, Be Cool with a Water Methanol Injection System

Most systems, including those from Paramount Performance, include a fail-safe device which reduces boost or adjusts timing curves in case the flow of Water/Methanol is exhausted or suddenly changes.

You Can Expect Power Gains

Depending on the system, Water/Methanol systems can advance timing by 10 or more degrees. Water/Methanol can often increase boost by five or more psi. Combined with the cooler air intake charge created by the water/methanol, these changes net a horsepower increase of up to 20%. In naturally aspirated applications, horsepower gains of 5-10 percent are possible.

Naturally Aspirated Engines Are Compatible Too!

Paramount Performance makes a Water/Methanol Injection System for fuel injected naturally-aspirated applications. With stock compression engines (10:1 compression or less), Paramount Performance says you gain up to 15 horsepower with full timing and achieve more effective air/fuel ratios and increase gas mileage.

In naturally aspirated high compression engines, Paramount Performance Water/Methanol Injection System works with fuel from most fuel stations, making it a more budget-friendly alternative to race gas. Plus, the colder, denser intake charge delivers more horsepower and allows for higher timing advances.

How Does It Work?

The secret to water/methanol injection lies in its key ingredients. Methanol is a high-octane fuel that is also extremely resistant to detonation. It will absorb heat out of the air – something known as “latent heat of vaporization”. Water/Methanol provides additional cooling while it is pumped through the engine. The cooler, denser intake charge reduces the chances of detonation even as the high-octane methanol boosts power.

Is 50/50 Best?

A 50/50 ratio of Water/Methanol is most recommended, although ratios of anywhere from 30 percent to a maximum of 50 percent methanol work well and can deliver excellent octane gains and cooling. Therefore, the 50/50 ratio provides optimum air cooling, excellent detonation control, and safety.

Will I Need an Intercooler?

It is highly recommended to install an intercooler and a 50/50 Water/Methanol System at the same time to give you greater benefits, and to cope with more than 30psi in boost. After all, with all that extra power, will you be able to keep it under 30psi of boost?

Paramount Performance are now offering Water/Methanol Injection Systems that are available for naturally aspirated or forced induction gasoline and diesel applications. So, if you are after additional power, lower running costs, and less chance of engine-damaging detonation, give Paramount Performance a call +44 (0) 1789 774444, or email on [email protected] to book your installation, or find out more!