Paramount Performance Styling

BMW Carbon Fibre Range

Despite being pretty striking and aggressively styled vehicles out of the box, Paramount Performance has now introduced a host of upgrades, because we believe there is always room for improvement. What’s more, our high quality carbon parts provide you with the opportunity to customise your car and stand out from other BMW M3 and BMW […]

The Ford Ranger Tuning Engine Remap

The Ford Ranger Tuning: Tune Anywhere, Any Time Do you take your Ford Ranger off the beaten track, into the unknown? Does it tow heavy loads? Is it a weekend car, or daily driver? Whatever you use your Ford Ranger for, it is the go-to-car for all occasions formal or fun its just the right […]

What Jaguar XFR Exhaust system?

Jaguar XFR Exhaust system Paramount Performance has been tuning Jaguars since the mid 80’s a key part to most of the modifications and Jaguar tuning we undertake is often a high-performance Jaguar XFR Exhaust System, there are many Jaguar XF exhaust systems on the market, but not all are of the same quality, either in […]

Lose Weight with Carbon Fibre Wheels – A Distinguishing Styling Note

Lose Weight with Carbon Fibre Wheels – A Distinguishing Styling Note Carbon Fibre wheels are designed for enhanced performance, using a significantly more lightweight material – carbon, and it’s also extremely strong. In fact, Carbon Fibre is 5 times stronger than steel, twice as stiff, and up to 40% lighter than their OEM counterparts of […]